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Tel-Aviv's Most Impressive Penthouses

This is one of the city’s most impressive towers. Its entrance leads directly to the new Neve Tzedek avenue and to the promenade.

From the Penthouses high above, the city and the sea lie stretched out before you. Through the magnificent lobby, you walk straight onto the new Neve Tsedek boulevard leading to the sea, the splendid promenade, the renovated dolphinarium area, and the stylish Carmel market.

This project is an eclectic mosaic of rare beauty combining old and new, modern and authentic, embodying the essence of Tel-Aviv with all its colors and expressions, located on the delicate seam between the vibrant modern cosmopolitan city and the quiet, picturesque alleyways that shaped the first neighborhoods of the Tel-Aviv of old.

The lively markets, the ancient Andromeda fishing port, the aromas wafting from trendy coffee shops, and unique art ateliers merge into Tel-Aviv's city – the stock exchange, leading investment houses, and high-tech office towers.



A magnificent lobby, one of a kind, proudly rising to the lofty height of 10 meters, greets you as you enter the tower. Five sophisticated elevators, reflecting the world's latest design and technology transport you to the private lobby on your floor.

The sophisticated facilities in this project accommodate you with the utmost comfort and luxury. At your disposal in the tower.

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