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With over 10 years experience in the Israeli real estate arena, GP Investments is a full service, uniquely personalised real-estate investment firm that connects all the dots of your real estate itinerary.

Based on your specific needs and respecting your budget, we build a detailed roadmap with you, utilising our unrivalled team of in-house experts and our vast network of contacts.

Acting as your intermediary, we are available around the clock, administering a full scope of services from finding your perfect property, handling the paperwork and liaising between legal teams, to managing your rental and everything and everyone else in between.

As your mediator we make your business our business, always going the extra mile in building a fully integrated personalised service, helping you effortlessly achieve all the milestones on your investment path.


Our goal is to meet your expectations, protect your interests and minimize your stress.

Our goal is to accurately tailor our approach in a way that suits you, your rhythm and your timelines perfectly.

Our flexible approach means our goals are always aligned with yours. Be that; finding the perfect property; communicating and negotiating your renovation and design goals with contractors; helping you navigate the Israeli tax system; decoding the bureaucracy and bringing added value to your property through dependable management practices. 

Our goal is to speak your language and make sure you are clearly understood.

Einav Gefen Pundak


Einav Gefen Pundak OWNER 

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