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Looking to invest in Israel but didn't get the chance to meet us during the Summit?
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Is there a spesific developer for your reference

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Advisory Board

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Steinberg Law Offices is one of Israel's premier boutique real estate law firms, with a unique specialization in accompanying foreign clientele in purchasing real estate property in Israel.


The firm’s staff accompany private and commercial clients, entrepreneurs and investors in various real estate transactions, including complex cross-border transactions, all while providing exceptional, professional and quality services to the firms local and international clientele.

Adv & Notary Yitzhak Steinberg is one of Israel’s leading lawyers in the real estate field, with two decades’ worth of experience in accompanying and managing significant real estate transactions for his clients, both in Israel and overseas.

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Whether it be the language barrier, inconvenient opening hours, or impatient clerks, dealing with the banks in Israel can be frustrating, to say the least. At IsraTransfer, we promise friendly and efficient service from people who understand your language and culture.

Our professional staff will guide you through every aspect of your wire transfers and currency exchange – with a smile. 

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