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The Real-Estate Division  

​JAN 19-21, 2023  |  AUSTIN, TX

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The Most Anticipated
Event of The Year

The IAC National Summit is one of the largest, highest-profile, and most impactful conferences in the Jewish world, celebrating “Israel. Together”: Together as a united community. Together, as the Jewish people and Israel are interconnected. Together in our unconditional love for Israel. 

Summit speakers include Israeli and American thought leaders, public figures, influencers, and decision-makers from the worlds of business, education, philanthropy, technology, politics, and activism. 

This annual summit marks Israel’s 75th Birthday, which will be celebrated with special performances and beloved musical artists in a unique event. 


For the first time, the summit will host the Israel America Business Playground, bringing together Israeli and American business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators, to create and collaborate and help shape our future. 





JAN 19-21, 2023

Austin, TX

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The Big 5

Let's meet-up

We invite you to meet with Israel’s groundbreakers, the brilliant minds behind Israel’s greatest real estate developments with a window into Israeli innovation at the Israel America Business Playground’s Real Estate exhibition at the IAC National Summit, Jan 19-21, Austin TX.

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City People is a leading real estate company specializing in development, management and construction of residential projects as part of urban renewal, specifically in the Tel-Aviv metropolitan. The company is among the leaders in the field of NOP 38 and urban renewal according to the Globes and Madlan rankings.

Founded by three veteran Air Force fighter pilots, including CEO Ron Chen, City People is a subsidiary of Rothstein Real Estate. 
For over a decade, the company has had proven successes in leading and managing complex projects under tight schedules. The company carried out one of the first NOP 38 projects in Tel-Aviv, and submitted the plans for its first clearing and reconstruction project as part of the Districts Plan.


Acro Real Estate is a public company whose shares are traded on the Tel-Aviv stock exchange . Specializing in the construction and improvement of large-scale projects in high-demand areas.
With many years of experience initiating, developing, and completing a wide array of prestigious structures, including residences, offices, and commercial buildings, as well as hotels.

The company is led by a professional, driven team who have brought the company success over the years. Acro Real Estate leads a variety of impressively sized, prominent property ventures that are changing the face of the city and establishing themselves as magnificent architectural landmarks.

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Azorim has been one of Israel’s largest and leading real estate companies for almost six decades. Azorim, which was founded in 1964, evolved into a public company, which shares are traded on the TASE, and which holds properties in Israel and abroad. The owner of controlling interests of the company is the international businessman Mr. Hershy Friedman.

Azorim’s six decades of professional experience, in combination with the company’s economic strength, position it at the forefront of the Israeli real estate market, with a specialization in residential properties. Azorim has been entrusted for decades on building innovative construction projects while identifying real estate potential, and creating an advanced and pleasurable residential experience for its customers, with first-class environmental development. In 2022, the company is expected to build about 3,500 apartments all across Israel.

Brosh Nir Development Ltd, founded in 2009, now serves as the group’s entrepreneurial arm, initiating, planning, and carrying out residential projects in Tel Aviv, Ramat Hasharon, Herzliya, and Kfar Saba.

The company operates in the field of residential entrepreneurship as well as urban renewal projects, by means of the tender purchase of land or as part of various combination transactions.
Brosh Nir Development is a leading protagonist in the Tel Aviv urban renewal and construction scene. The group promotes various prestigious projects, presently in licensing, planning, and execution stages.

Brosh Group has some of the best construction capabilities in the industry. We bring many years of experience in developing and building complex engineering projects, aiming to provide the best solution for every project.

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Africa Israel Residences has been the leader in the residential real-estate sector in Israel since it went public in 2006.

The company’s activity focuses on all stages of residential project development and construction, from land acquisition through all the planning, construction, public area development, marketing, apartment sale and occupancy stages. Africa Israel Residences changed the residential culture in Israel with the creation of the Savyaonim brand, meticulously planned community residential neighborhoods throughout the country under the umbrella

concept of
“a neighborhood that is a city”.

Advisory Board

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Steinberg Law Offices is one of Israel's premier boutique real estate law firms, with a unique specialization in accompanying foreign clientele in purchasing real estate property in Israel.


The firm’s staff accompany private and commercial clients, entrepreneurs and investors in various real estate transactions, including complex cross-border transactions, all while providing exceptional, professional and quality services to the firms local and international clientele.

Adv & Notary Yitzhak Steinberg is one of Israel’s leading lawyers in the real estate field, with two decades’ worth of experience in accompanying and managing significant real estate transactions for his clients, both in Israel and overseas.

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Whether it be the language barrier, inconvenient opening hours, or impatient clerks, dealing with the banks in Israel can be frustrating, to say the least. At IsraTransfer, we promise friendly and efficient service from people who understand your language and culture.

Our professional staff will guide you through every aspect of your wire transfers and currency exchange – with a smile. 

The Venue

MCI USA is the official Housing Provider for IAC Summit 2023 at Fairmont Austin

We have an exceptional agenda in store for you at our upcoming event. It’s been designed to ensure your time at the event is not only productive, but enjoyable. We look forward to hosting you and your colleagues!

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