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A unique panel of leading architects led by Engineer Zeev Ginsburg

#Entrepreneurshipcourse under construction##Technioninstitute#

A board that touched on the most sensitive and complex points that the State of Israel is dealing with regarding urban renewal.

Not only from the entrepreneur's point of view and financial reports but the understanding and synergy of planning, execution, and firm standing with planning institutions and government policy.

A policy that changes at any given moment.

Architects who know how to work within the restrictive frameworks that the authorities have set and still, keep creativity and an attempt to create a different reality that adapted to current times.

When you come to invest in Israel or to make "Aliyah", take in experts who know how to be creative.

Most importantly, know how to navigate you under the uncertainty of this marketplace.

A panel hosted by Lawyer Anat Biran

With the participation of :

Shimi Jacobovitch Architect

Rona Raschal Levin Architect

Doron Ahali Architect

Neora Goldberg Architect

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