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Why Use GPI to Help You Steer Towards Your Next Investment Opportunity?

Investing in a new country, in a different language and blindly hitting inevitable cross-cultural misunderstandings all make for a rocky start off your investment launch pad.

It's the cross-cultural differences in communication and business style that have caused the most confusion for our clients, the nuances of which even the most competent translator is often incapable of deciphering.

GPI's intimate knowledge of the real estate industry in Israel, the key players within it, from contractors, lawyers and interior architects as well as our sensitivity to the cultural pitfalls make GPI consultants the best partner choice on your investment journey.

Because, whichever way you look at it, we speak your language;

Location, location, location.

Finding the perfect location in a country that is developing new neighborhoods and transport links at lightening speeds is no mean feat. Finding the right location for your investment in a fast changing country you don't live in is even harder. Together, GPI can help you filter through the obvious and less obvious choices and scout-out the perfect location that meets all your needs.

Tapping into the right network

When it comes to successful property investment, having the best tools and insight starts with knowing the right people. GPI provide a secure, supportive, inspirational environment through our knowledge as well as through our fine-tuned network of professionals. GPI make the right introductions in a bid to push your goal forward and help you become a successful property investor.

Unveiling the hidden benefits

GPI make sure you know about all the benefits open to you and how to make the most of the incentives available to you as a foreign investor, a first time buyer, a new immigrant etc.

Tax benefits and government grants are tricky maps to read alone. With GPI helping you decode the rules and regulations, grants and benefits, you can set about understanding your eligibility and claiming your benefits.

Additional support

GPI's continuous support, exceptional skill set and dedication alleviates most - if not all - of the challenges of investing abroad, relocating and sifting through all the bureaucracy.

GPI knows the nuts and bolts of the industry, the dynamics of the country and the way the system works. Together, we can help you achieve your investment goals whilst also speaking your language.

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