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Real Estate Investments in Israel—Navigating Back to Normal.

Slowly-slowly, we are seeing the return to normal life, with buds of conversations and scouting with customers underway. The big question on everyone’s mind: where is Israel’s real estate market heading these days?

Should we wait for an opportunity and for prices to go down? Should we liquidate stock and invest the money? Will prices stabilize? Which entrepreneurs and construction companies, as well as suppliers and sub-contractors, were affected by the crisis and might collapse in the future? What are the ramifications regarding the contracts and engagements already in process?

Unlike the rest of Israel’s economy, its construction companies did not stop working and building during the Coronavirus quarantine and were defined as essential companies. This was due to the constant attempt to narrow the gap between supply and demand in Israel.

Even during these trying times, though, the local press continued providing headlines: from collapse and stagnation to the continuing rise of housing prices in Israel. Large companies are now providing buyers with huge discounts and benefits, in order to get them back to the sales offices.

Among all of the headlines, trends, and numbers, we remained loyal to our way, sticking with the people behind the projects and numbers—those who knew how to provide our clients with the

solid ground during this time of crisis.

The entrepreneurial and construction companies, the attorneys and tax specialists, who understood our clients and the changes they were undergoing, and knew how to quickly produce alternative options.

Professionals, who knew how to provide contract and taxation solutions, and made sure the client never felt abandoned, not for a single moment.

These days, as we are looking at the market while stepping into a somewhat different routine, it is especially important to choose the right people: not the type of project, the look of the apartment or the discounts and benefits, but rather—the people who will walk with you and accompany you the entire way.

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