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Marketing in a Competitive Market Place

For businesses operating in a highly competitive market such as Israel, a strong marketing campaign promoting brand awareness and lead generation is a vital piece in the puzzle.

With the broad scope of possibilities available today, from traditional offline campaigns to the huge array of targeted online promotion and advertising opportunities - a creative marketing agency is key to ensuring your investment attracts the right attention.

Israel attracts a disproportionate amount of investment when measured against its short history and small size. However, it's clear to see why so many investors identify Israel - with its innovative mindset, leading economy (and first-line access to cutting-edge technologies), as the best place for their businesses to grow.

Here are 3 marketing partners with very different personalities:


Based in Tel Aviv, Tross pride themselves on only working with companies they themselves believe in; serious businesses with excellent products.

They boast an unrivalled data-driven approach to campaign management and performance advertising, striking a young and dynamic balance between the tech and creative energy Israel is known for.

They use the 360-campaign management method meaning they plan every aspect of your campaign from strategy through to pricing, number crunching to creative messaging and stunning performance advertising.

Invest in Israel

​​Invest in Israel is a foreign, direct investment enterprise of the Israeli Ministry of Economy &Industry. The Foreign Investments & Industrial Cooperation Authority is an integrative body within the Israeli government that promotes local investment potential to foreign investors.

Their advantageous vantage point makes them the ideal match-making partners, linking investors to opportunity, innovators to facilitators and bringing the prospect of profit into fruition.

Invest in Israel works with hundreds of the leading multi-nationals and help facilitate the global awareness of innovative discoveries, goods and services.


Arteo describe themselves as the high-tech marketing agency, marrying the very latest in new tech-based strategies with creative branding and inspired solutions for high-tech companies.

A vibrant company, their technology department is comprised of experts from leading high-tech companies. Their approach starts by understanding the nuts and bolts of the product, while the creative department - supported by a talented team drawn from the best ad agencies - get to work at skillfully crafting your voice.

Their client list speaks volumes; Valens, Cato, Cloudify, Amdocs, NICE, eBay, to name just a few.

While investors need marketing companies to promote their business, choosing a company that can easily understand your companies ethos and has the right experience in your field is key.

Thankfully, start-up nation is full to brimming with scales of choice.

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