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Israel - Real estate opportunities during the Coronavirus crisis.

How the construction industry in Israel will deal with the coronavirus crisis? A question that is constantly asked.

The construction industry has been declared as a vital sector of the Israeli economy, so despite the Ministry of Health's restrictions, construction continues as usual, and existing projects are not halted in development with the core understanding that in Israel, the demand is outstripping supply. Most of the problems that will later on arise will be related to the malfunction of planning committees and licensing bodies - In a way that could cause delays in delivering apartments on time and stopping tenders for the construction of apartments in new projects in this industry. This crisis, which creates uncertainty in Israel and the related sectors, brings unavoidable questions that the government still has no answer to. This is an opportunity, an opportunity to execute the transactions with thought and clarity. Despite the opportunities the crisis brings with it, the flow of money from the world's stock exchanges, a decrease in prices (temporarily in my opinion) due to the need for liquid cash,

and the inability to meet obligations - everything stops.

You should also stop, understand the process in Israel better and mostly consult. Consult with our experts who swim in regulations that constantly change and know how to adjust your investment strategy. They are definitely not afraid to make last-minute changes, proficient in taxation, who know the best companies in the economy and rightfully so predict that their clients are going through this crisis, who are going to bring architects that will work for you and not for their own style and prestige. Stop, consult, and ask - this conflict arises a great opportunity. #gefenpundak

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