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Preconceived Notions Cost Money

Many investors who buy apartments in Israel usually invest in a property with the idea that the property will remain a secure investment for their family for generations to come.

GP Invest - Preconceived Notions Cost Money
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In recent years, we have seen a growing trend of foreign investors buying apartments in Israel because the cost-benefit of purchasing a home outweighs the multiple costs several trips they make as a family to Israel incurs annually. In addition, with the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we have seen whole families packing-up and moving to Israel indefinitely until the situation in their home countries improves.

Regardless of the reasons, many investors come to the table with a fixed concept of what they are looking for and how much it will cost them. Because of GPI’s position in the market, we see, that when we present these clients with the full array of projects that are in fact available to them, projects that are in various stages of planning (from the pre-pre sale stage to the ready-to-move into the stage) their wonder grows at the real scope of their choice.

What we usually see is that when the client discovers the full scope of what is actually available to them, they realize that it is more profitable to give up on the apartment they thought they would have to settle for, or the apartment they had in mind for something that is actually much more suitable and cost-savvy.

This sharp transition is made relatively easy thanks to the large supply of projects we have access to and with this, the client is empowered to make a better choice and smarter investment.

To find out what projects are out there, but aren’t yet being marketed, contact us here to start the conversation.

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