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Similar Values

Sending a private message to the concierge, letting him know that you have decided to come over for the weekend, to warm up in the Israeli sun. Requesting the apartment to be ready for SHABBAT.

Reserving theater tickets for the evening and booking in the trendiest restaurant. These are just small suggestions for the facilities in the upcoming deal.

Lately, I met business partners who had the same values that I try to apply to my deals in Israel. An entrepreneur who is also a contractor that talks about his customer's benefit before making the deal, checks whether my customer profile fits the project before we talk about prices per square meter.

An expert who is practical thinks of the building's parking lot and puts aside the panoramic view out of the windows (needless to say, the view is one of the most spectacular landscapes you have ever seen in Jerusalem).

Apartments in which the client can choose its designs in advance according to their personal preferences without pounding the pavement between architects and designers.

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