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The Developers Reputation isn't The Whole Story

A client recently contacted us to help him find and buy an apartment in Israel for his parents. The criteria was simple, but high on the list of requirements was that it would be in close enough proximity to a synagogue. Before the client decided to turn to us, he had completed what he thought was comprehensive research on synagogues in the desired city, and began looking for apartments that were within a comfortable walking distance.

While there were plenty of apartments on the map, he didn't find the apartment that met all his parent’s needs, or indeed any that matched their budget.

It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity of presenting this client with all the projects available to him that he wasn’t able to source by himself.

We found him the perfect apartment, within a purpose built project that featured around the synagogue and was perfectly built to suit the dream lifestyle of his parents. We introduced the client to the right developer, with the right apartment, in the right area.

When GPI are involved in the process at the very beginning of the negotiations all the decisions and finer details are confirmed or amended prior to signing the contract ensuring both the client & contractor are certain of the final plan and agreed on a budget, all of which are incorporated into the client’s contract, safeguarding against potential misunderstandings or glitches along the way.

There have been many cases where the customer has wanted to change something either after the purchase contract has been signed, or in the middle of construction. These changes have ranged from wanting to alter the building specs of their apartment, for example enlarging it or even wanting to switch floors or the position of their apartment within the building.

Sometimes, the changes are non-negotiable, the buyer wants them and simply won't live without them, and of course, there are times when these apparently sudden changes of heart couldn't have been predicted. When the buyer actually sees the project under construction and experiences the way the environment is developing, things can change. And these changes can’t always be prevented. In these cases, it is our job at GPI to recalculate the route while running alongside the contractor who is already deep in the process.

We need to quickly understand the dreams of the client, the scope of work, and if the work is related to the construction itself, the price required to achieve those changes in the best, most elegant way, without cutting corners on the aesthetics. And this is exactly where our relationship with the construction companies comes in. We are the buyer’s buffer, easing the process towards achieving the ideal apartment at a good and honest price.

It is situations just like these, where the reputation of the project's developer is not enough to ensure a seamless end-goal, but in fact the relationship with the contractor and the knowledge of what materials and labor actually cost. And these are two skills the buyer rarely has under their belt.

When we help a client find the right project, we aren’t only looking at the reputation of the developer, but also the contractor they have selected to take on-board, because if there is one thing I have learned over the years in the construction industry, its that the relationship with the contractor in the field is the key to a successful project, regardless of how many setbacks there may be along the way.

So when choosing your project, do not simply settle for the salesperson standing in front of you in the sales office or the landscape that is promised to you. Check the developer carefully, ask who the executing company is and do your research!

Alternatively, make life easier and let us help you.

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