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The Importance of Having a Multidisciplinary Engineering Department On Your Side

One of the most complex areas accompanying a construction, renovation, or purchase process is the skill required to coordinate between all the various professionals and consultants working on the project, smoothly and functionally.

Our experience in the industry has shown us that it doesn't matter if the property is a ready-made apartment, a house for renovation, an apartment under construction, or an apartment still just a plan - in each and every case, tailoring the property to the client's requirements requires an excellent engineer.

GPI employs expert engineers with years of experience in senior roles in the construction industry. All our engineers have experience working on the largest, most prestigious projects of the leading companies in Israel

The engineers play multiple roles, helping us to understand the full scope of work, accurately estimate the value of the property (for purchase or sale), see if the property is indeed worth the investment, and accompany us on the journey from execution through to delivery.. Because of this, our engineering department plays a significant role in our deal-making.

Utilizing the opinion of a GPI engineer in the early stages of the investment and plan building is essential to keeping us well informed and on the straight and narrow. They help us keep within budget, oversee and coordinate between the consultants and provide a level of security no project can do without. It is with the guidance of the engineer that we can make sure any last-minute updates needed in the contract will be accurate. And on completion of a project, the engineer can officially sign-off the build ensuring the contractor has built-in accordance with the necessary standards and technical specifications agreed and required by law.

Over the years we have seen how most buyers invest most of their capital in purchasing the properties before diving in headfirst to renovations almost always without sparing a thought for conducting a proper building audit. This is a recipe for disaster on many levels, not only having the potential of causing more work after the renovations have been completed, so requiring either the owner or worse, the tenant to move out, but in all cases, is financially damaging.

We are strong believers in avoiding the avoidable and making sure each and every property we work on undergoes an audit by one of our engineers before anything.

Our engineering department is instrumental in

● Examining the viability of the investment

● Inspection of a new apartment on delivery from the contractor

● Second-hand apartment inspection before purchase

● Estimating the budget needed for repairing defects

● Supervising the construction process. (as managed under the Department of Civil Engineering, Construction, and Infrastructure)

● Delivering the necessary paperwork and professional reports

GPI takes care of the details. Contact us here to find out how we can help you further.

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