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IAC X GPI - Be In The Know! Q&A with Brosh Group

Describe your company in your words, and share your core values

To build something, you must understand people. We have some of the best construction capabilities and extensive experience developing and building complex engineering projects, aiming to provide the best solution for every need. We strive for excellence, and with “boots on the ground,” we can turn any wish into optimal construction solutions.

Any signature/leading project you wish to elaborate on?

In only 24 months, we built Israel’s largest shopping mall - the Grand Canyon in Be’er Sheva - which included engineering challenges and creative solutions for simultaneous construction on-site. Another signature project is the Zahala Towers, a very unique condominium in the gateway of Tel-Aviv, representing a new interpretation of the city’s historic famous minimalism and elegant architecture.

How do you summarize 2022 from a real-estate standpoint?

2022 was a pivotal year. Demand for houses and apartments was at an all-time high, which led to significant price increases. However, 2022 was also a year in which macroeconomic changes may affect market trends in the next few years.

What’s the biggest challenge you encounter in the Israeli market?

Urban renewal in Israel faces two significant challenges. One is bureaucracy, which causes delays. Second, there is no correlation between the strong need for more residential units through urban renewal, which is a national priority, and the engagement of municipalities in this effort.

Who we shell expect to meet at the 8th National Summit?

Nir Brosh, Co-Owner & President of BROSH Group,

has built a 20-year record of successfully managing and leading mega and large construction projects for the government and enterprises, among them some of Israel's outstanding facilities.

Orad Itzhaki, CEO of the BROSH Development Branch,

has led the company to be a key player in urban renewal projects and has completed dozens of large-scale real-estate and green-energy projects in Israel and Eastern Europe.

Ayelet Gonen Brosh, Co-Owner of BROSH Group,

established the real estate development branch within BROSH Group to provide exceptional and visionary residential solutions as part of urban renewal conception.


Brosh Group is a part of the Israeli Real-Estate delegation to the IAC's 8th National Summit led by GPI, Einav Gefen-Pundak.

IABP -Real Estate Division

Jan 19-21, 2023 - Austin, TX


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