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IAC X GPI - Be In The Know! Q&A with City People

1. Describe your company in your words, and share your core values

We are The City People, Tel Aviv entrepreneurs who have been building the city, "living and loving it," since 2007. You and we have something in common - we adore this fantastic city, Tel Aviv. It's much more attractive than closing a great deal or a profitable investment. Love drives us not only to construct boutique projects that enhance the city but to design a better life for you. A life of culture, lifestyle, community, and family is connected to everything excellent in this city, making it such a fun place to live in.

2. Any signature/leading project you wish to elaborate on?

City People is a real estate development company that operates primarily in Tel Aviv and specializes in residential properties throughout the city

, taking into account the importance of human connection. Our philosophy is that: people come first. The basis of our developments and acquisitions is mainly about the acquired land and far more about our occupants.

Today, we pride ourselves on the exceptional service we provide to all those who have trusted us with new and upcoming construction projects. In addition, we financially cover building management fees for the first ten years, further proving our partnership and commitment to our tenants.

We are also proud of our easy interface community management application to provide a comfortable and accessible living experience with boutique-level service.

Our goal is to bring effective high-tech technology to the world of real estate, uniting the culture of the Tel Aviv community through progressive, sustainable solutions. That is the essence of City People, and we cannot wait to merge our vision into your reality.

3. How do you summarize 2022 from a real-estate standpoint?

The City People company summarizes 2022 with more than 60 projects throughout Tel Aviv, of which two were recently populated, and 19 additional tasks were on the market.

The company was awarded this year by DUNS100, a leading title in the field of urban renewal – Tama 38, thanks to record sales in Tel Aviv.

There is great demand with an increase in the rate of registrations for the projects about to be marketed.

In addition to the TAMA demolition and reconstruction projects, during the year, we also promoted several large-scale Pinui-Binui projects in various neighborhoods in the city in cooperation with the Tel Aviv Municipality. In addition to its continuous work, City people also promoted this year's volunteering for the community in Tel Aviv and produced different types of events, such as our famous POP-UP ART MUSEUM.

4. What's the biggest challenge you encounter in the Israeli market?

The City People, a Rotshtein group company, operates in real estate entrepreneurship and urban renewal and specializes in Tel Aviv-Yafo.

There is a significant gap between the supply of new apartments in the city and demand, as well as in other parts of the country, partly due to the long and complicated bureaucracy required in the process of urban renewal, and it may delay the marketing the apartments to the free market.

The company has been working for many years with the planning committees and the institutions of the Tel Aviv Municipality and has extensive experience in providing solutions due to barriers in the city, and therefore manages to promote projects very quickly and professionally.

The City People is a leading company that the owners of the apartments recognize in Tel – Aviv. Therefore it also leads to the number of new projects and increases the supply of new apartments yearly.

This year the company is launching the 2023 collection of 25 new projects that contain 180 apartments, 26 penthouses, and 37 garden apartments.

5. Who we shell expect to meet at the 8th National Summit?

Ron Chen

CEO and Owner

Ron is an F16 pilot and a flight guide in reserves that founded the company in 2006 with two other pilots – Roey Dor and Eran Hefetz.

These days, City people is the number one leading company in urban renewal and TAMA 38 according to the rank of duns100 in Israel.

"I have been living and doing business in Tel Aviv for years. The "City People" reflects the growth of this wonderful city. A city that never stops and everything changes so quickly... Today, "yesterday" is no longer relevant. And who knows what "tomorrow" will bring.
The City People strive to introduce inspiration and a dynamic and changing perspective to "what is Tel Aviv" and who is a "Tel Avivian." We seek to be involved in more and more projects that reflect the city that I love so much - and at the same time, each has its unique character."

Ronny Horesh

VP Marketing, Sales & Community

Ronny Horesh has over 15 years of experience in the real estate field. Among other things, she explicitly led planning and marketing mega projects in the leading companies in Israel.

Ronny started working in City People two years ago and brought her unique innovation in the customer's point of view and nurtured the community life, which affects and improves the experience and day-to-day life of our customer community that was very important for us to form.

"At the end of the day, everyone offers for sale four walls in Tel Aviv, but we know how to provide a high quality of life and living experience for the community in Tel Aviv.


The City People is a part of the Israeli Real-Estate delegation to the IAC's 8th National Summit led by GPI, Einav Gefen-Pundak.

IABP -Real Estate Division

Jan 19-21, 2023 - Austin, TX


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